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. Your own personal 10% discount code to share with your friends and followers

. Receive 10% commission on every order placed using your unique affiliate discount code

. Exclusive offers for your unique base

. Win free giveaways and gifts including incentivized store credit for jewelry you love, cash gifts, spa dates, get-aways and more

The Details

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. Get rewarded with super duper cool things!

. Share your unique 10% Discount code with your friends and family. 

. Enjoy a 10% commission on every order placed using your unique discount code.

. Take photos or videos highlighting a Sun-Dipped Gems jewelry piece and post to your social networking platform at least once a month. Additional perks for posting more than twice in a month. Tiktok and Instagram are our favs, but you can also use Pinterest and Facebook.

The Guidelines:

1.) Post must visibly display and tag @sundippedgems.

2.) Post must be from a public account.

3.) No collaborative posts with other brands. It should be a dedicated Sun-Dipped Gems post.

4.) No other brand names, logos or images, even in the background.

5.) Audio, lighting and video should be clear with great quality.

6.) Strive to make a genuine connection with your friends and family.

7.) Be enthusiastic, energetic, have fun and most importantly, be your authentic self!

Terms & Conditions

. The Sun-Dipped Gems Brand Ambassador Program is subject to change at any time.

. For fun perks and reward eligibility, affiliates must commit to making at least one promotional post each month and each post must very visibly tag @sundippedgems

. All guideline rules must be followed when posting.

. All posts, including videos and and pictures, may be used for marketing purposes